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Don and April - Heal by lledra

Some nights were rougher than others. Tonight had ended up being one of those nights, which in of itself was an aggravation. He’d messed up and he had paid for it. It wasn’t even the physical pain from his body that hurt so much. He was sure that their target had known where April’s father was and it was the pain of not succeeding in catching him, that, that failure that hurt the worst.

Donatello winced as he sat down and began to remove  his wrappings. On top of it all he felt filthy, like a layer of grime was on his skin and he couldn’t confirm for himself if it was a combination of it having been far too hot for night time and the location the fight had been, or if it was purely imaginary and he wanted  to make himself more miserable. Then he heard a voice.

“Don?” April asked again, this time her voice filled with worry as she moved in front of him. She’d just been asking about the bruise on his head and when he didn’t answer her any humor her  question could have had was gone. She looked him over, her blue eyes meeting his. “Don? Let me go get Master Splin-“

No.” Don said quickly, wincing at how urgent his voice sounded. He cleared his throat. “Really I’m fine April, I’m fine.” He managed a smile for her. “What are you doing here?”

“You don’t remember asking me to come by tonight?” April asked, the worry deepening.

Oh gosh. He’d been so sure that things would have gone well; he wanted to tell her the exciting news. That fact would have  hopefully balanced out the fact that they’d gone out and done all this without her knowledge. “A—ah yeah. Sorry-just, my head was elsewhere.”

“Okay.” She said, not wanting to push the other at this particular moment. Her eyes traveled over him, quickly being drawn to the bleeding cut that started at the juncture of his neck and traveled towards his shoulder. Then her sight settled on his hands. “Here, let me help you.”

“Help me what?” he had begun to ask as April sat down before him and started to help him remove the wrappings he had and the little in the way of ‘clothes’ he wore. The shock that this actually  was happening caused him to stare uselessly at her.

April saw the look on his face. Once she was away from him she’d get Splinter, he didn’t look too good. Dazed and out of it clearly. For now she busied herself with tugging everything free as gently as possible since parts had to travel over bruises or areas that looked sore.

Donatello swallowed hard, feeling April’s cool fingers travel over his hot skin. For the first time ever he wished he had more clothes on, maybe something at his upper arms so her touch didn’t have to go away so fast. His thoughts were interrupted when she reached around him to untie his mask.

“Sorry, do you just slip this off?” She asked before she could fiddle with the knot.

Don managed a nod. He couldn’t hold back the small sigh this time when her fingers slid under his mask and went to lift it off. Her soft skin leaving trails of coolness.

April leaned forward a bit to smile at that, not wanting to embarrass the other. She knew when she got her hair done the shampooing portion always made her feel really relaxed. She wondered if it was a similar feeling. “Do you have a first aid kit?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah.” Donatello told her where she could find it, his head turning as he watched her leave the room. He looked down at himself, a slumping sigh coming from him.

When April came back to where he was Donatello quirked a brow. April had come back with more than the First Aid Kit. She also had a container of water and a small towel.

“What’s that for?” He asked. His heart sped up as she settled back in front of him, this time much closer than before and now on her knees. He shifted his legs, not just to allow her an easier time removing his wrappings, but so she could be as close as she wanted.

“Just, wanting to help?” April asked. “You look hot.”

“I do?”

She quirked a brow of her own, and just offered a wide smile before she shifted to dip the towel she had into the cool water. Once it was wrung out she lifted it to his arm, and began to wash  him.

Donatello realized that dying wouldn’t be bad, besides the logical reasons of course. The after part wouldn’t be bad, This, this moment right here, the cool cloth being led along by April’s hand, while the other was at his shoulder for balance was heaven. If there was actually a place that good people go to, this feeling was what  it would be. “That’s nice.” He breathed softly.

April grinned at that. “See, you were too hot.” She ran the cloth along his skin, making sure to not miss anything.

She wasn’t sure what she expected his skin to feel like, but she wasn’t sure if she was surprised or not. She had touched him once before, but she’d been admittedly distracted by alien robots kidnapping her and her father. Now though she had a chance to really feel the skin. April wasn’t sure ‘smooth’ was the word for the skin he had. It felt like it was made up of millions of small river rounded stones packed together. She just wanted to run her fingers over his skin, especially once it was cooled down by the cloth.

April reached up to finally clean his neck and face. She heard the sigh and smiled, happy that he now seemed more alert  and was relaxing. She carefully maneuvered around the bruises.

Donatello smiled inwardly. It had been a looong time since someone had done this to him. The last time had ended up in him being fussy and saying quite loudly that he was a grown turtle and he didn’t need to be babied. Which excluded the times when he was sick and that was the only thing he wanted. This didn’t feel like that though. This felt different. It was a different type of caring, something he honestly couldn’t identify. His eyes looked up at her face,  they traveled over her features. She was so pretty, so perfect. Like something out of a fairy tale.

He didn’t even notice that she’d opened up the First Aid Kit and had taken out a small puffy cloth.

“This is probably going to sting.” April said, her eyes meeting his.

“That’s fine.” He hadn’t quite heard her question, his focus completely on her. Even as pain sang from the cut once the alcohol covered cloth was placed on it he didn’t jump. He noticed she was looking at the cut, which allowed him to just stare at her. Try as he might, he just couldn’t look away.

Without really noticing his thoughts wandered. He wanted to keep this. He wanted to keep this feeling, and keep April safe. Give her everything she wanted and more. Donatello reached up with  his right hand his heart thudding in his chest. He wanted to touch her back. He wanted to do the things he’d seen people do in the movies that he didn’t want to admit to his brothers that he watched. To pull her close and just never let go, to feel her soft skin against his. To tell her all the sweet things she deserved to hear.

April shifting startled him, out of his thoughts, his finger brushing against her hair.

April jumped and then laughed. “Didn’t see you doing that.” She said as she went back to her tending. “You can touch.” She laughed again as his faraway expression snapped to one of complete shock. “My hair? You want to touch it right? Well now that you’re not filthy with sweat you can go ahead.” She figured that a hairless person would like to touch and if she was having fun touching his skin, her hair should at the very least be allowed.

Donatello chuckled uneasily before he took the offer. “You like things straight forward right?”

April frowned briefly. “Yeah? Where’d that question come from?”

“A-ah just, curious.” He should do something. Donatello was sure he should, or sure that he could and wouldn’t get the  beating of a lifetime out of it. No, that wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. Her laughing would be. Hearing that sweet laughter of hers  turned against him. He’s sure she would never do it on purpose but it would happen. A dark reality began to sink in. While he was thinking all  these things and accepting her attentions, he was keeping things away from her. He wasn’t telling the truth, and was perverting the friendship  they had. She was being kind and he was warping it. A tidal wave worth of pain blossomed in his chest.

“Don?” She asked when his face dropped. “Don what’s wrong?” When he didn’t answer April lifted his face to look at her.

“I- sorry it’s been a long day.” He was a coward.

“Well you’re all clean and patched up. You should sleep or just lounge and rest, I’m sure the others are. I’ll see you tomorrow?” April watched him nod; she felt a pain in her chest. Had she done something wrong?  Had she somehow upset him? “It’ll all be okay.” She said a she subconsciously began to fuss over him. “Sleep, I’m sure that’ll help.”

Sleep. “Yeah. Thanks a lot April.” His brain was going a mile a minute, telling him to at least try! To tell her the truth about tonight, to tell her his thoughts, to do SOMETHING but sit there like a lump! “Have a good night.”

“What there is left of it.” She chuckled as she went to get up. “Need help?”

“No I’m okay. I think I want to sit here a bit longer.”

April nodded at that, and went to collect the First  Aid Kit and the container of water with the towel. “Good night.” She said before she left the room.


Raphael had seen April go and he grinned a bit to himself. He got up and headed towards where he knew Don was, the grin getting bigger. For all the family smarts, Don really was an idiot sometimes. He was amazed she wasn’t running screaming out of the room from what he’d peeked in on earlier. Him looking at her like a complete dummy.

He got all prepared to be a jerk, not to be mean  or anything. It was just his special kind of brotherly love! Raph stepped into the room quickly. “Sooo you kiss her with… that big mouth..  of yours? Don?” he looked around and frowned. Stupid Donatello! Ruining  his entrance. He wasn’t here! Heh, must be in his room then. Sneak.

Raph collected himself and went to give this another shot. When he stepped in though it was ruined again. Not by his brother not being there though, but by crying. He grit his teeth, feeling awkward. Don didn’t know he was here, he could just go.  He never wanted anyone to know if he was crying. It earned them a punch, unless it was Leo who was too stupid to hold still for one, or their father. Still…

He quietly stepped forward and moved over to his brother, sitting down beside him and pulling him close with an arm across his back. “You’re a real dummy you know that?” The worsening crying told him that if that was true, then it was also true that there were two dummies in the room. He wanted details but he was sure he wouldn’t ask them right. He wanted to comfort Don but he wasn’t good at that either. Raph sighed and just shut up, gritting his teeth at his own  inabilities and waiting for his brother to cry himself to sleep. At the  very least he could tuck him in.

Donatello thinks while April patches him up.
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